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My Story

This story is true and is my first encounter with a ghost.
I used to be skeptical of ghosts and not think that they were real. One night I was hanging out at my friends house and he told me that it was haunted by a man. I thought at that time he was just trying to scare me. Anyway, about a year later we all sitting in the living room at about 1am and we were telling ghost stories. Then my friend and all the rest of us stoped for no reason and looked at the TV. I saw a reflection of a man standing in the door way. At first I thought someone had broke into the house but when I turned around there was no one there. I looked back at the TV and the reflection was still there. We turned on all the lights and didn't continue our scary stories. My second Encounter was kind of the same thing. We were telling scary stories again and when I looked over at the kitchen a man was staring at me, but he was transparent. My third encounter was in the computer room. My friend was on the computer and I looked at the wall behind us and saw a shadow on the wall. At first I thoght that I was imagining these things.When I asked my friends mom, she told me that I was not imagining these things and that it was all real. She then went on to tell me that one night she was having a nightmare and couldn't wake up. Then she started shaking and when she woke up, there was a man laying over her waking her up. My sister saw two little girls reflections in the TV which was turned off at the time. Other people claim to have seen these little girls. Every single time I go over at night there is a strange feeling that you are being watched.
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