A Beautiful Virago Named Hope (sunneyone) wrote in scary_stories,
A Beautiful Virago Named Hope

i've decided to submit a contest entry, but first i want to tell y'all something funny that happened one night. i watched the 6th sense with a friend one night and then went home. well, as you all know, there's a scene in that movie where the kid goes into his kitchen and that chick has opened all the cabinets and drawers. so i was in my apartment that night, about 3am. i heard something in the kitchen, so i went into the other room. and one of my cabinets was open!!!! i thought my heart would beat out of my chest when i saw it. i finally calmed down and figured out what happened. the cabinets were old and didn't really shut completely. my cat was always pawing open the door and walking around inside the cabinets. she'd crawled inside them that night! she knocked something over inside there (the noise that caught my attention) and run out of the cabinet, leaving it wide open. it was pretty funny.

some of y'all may have heard this story before, as LJ is a bit of a small world and i'm in a lot of ghost communities.
i work for a university police department. last year we moved into a new building. our old building was haunted. the part of the building where i worked was set up "shotgun house" style. basically, you could see all the way to the back room from the front room. so it was my room, the middle room and off the middle room was two rooms right next to each other. one was the locker room, which was all the way at the back. next to that was the squad room. i couldnt see into that room. one night in early 2002, out of the corner of my eye, i saw a figure walk from the locker room into the squad room. the figure was so real. and i knew no one was back there. there were only two ways to get into that room. one of them was to walk past me and the other was the back door, that was always locked and would beep if it was opened. so i walked to the squad room and no one was there. i checked the locker room and no one was there either.
needless to say i was a little freaked.
i've been told that building was haunted by a former football player, as it was once the fieldhouse for the football team. our parking lot was the original football field. so the former football player was the rumor and it's entire possible, as noises were heard in that building constantly. i worked in it for 9 years. my theory as to the figure in the locker room though is not the football player. we had a police officer get killed in a car accident on his way to work in septempber 2001. he would come to work and change into his uniform in the locker room. i used to walk through to go outside to the drink machine while he was changing and i'd catch him changing. i never saw him naked but sometimes he'd be in the process of tucking in his shirt. lol. it was kind of a joke between us. and i think i saw him that night.
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