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Von Junzt

William Seabrook

For anyone who's interested, I've just created a William Seabrook Discussion community: </a></b></a>williamseabrook For those of you unfamiliar with Seabrook's work, he was a friend of both Crowley and Gurdijieff. A reporter by trade, he was interested in investigating psychic and occult phenomena, and his Witchcraft: Its Power in the World Today is often cited for its material on modern occultism. He also introduced the modern usage of the word "zombie" to the English language, in his book about his investigations of Voodoo in Haiti, The Magic Island.

It's for the discussion of not just Seabrook and his works, but also anything that users might think would have interested him. I see it as a sort of </a></b></a>necronomiphiles for W. B. Seabrook.

Please join or at least check out our description, even if you don't know much about Seabrook. He was a fascinating man, and hopefully we'll all learn a lot from each other about both the man and his interests.

I've also created a website devoted to Seabrook at http://www.geocities.com/williambseabrook/ There's not much there yet, but in the near future I plan to type up some of his now-rare magazine articles from the '30's and '40's that I've been collecting. Have a look at the annotated bibliography on that website for some previews of what's to come.

X-posted out the wazoo; sorry guys.
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