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i found that picture creeps me out a little bit,although im sure its been doctored or maybe its a really good makeup job.

I got a new icon setup...what do you guys think?

 here is another odd picture


Anyways here is an experience for you:

My theatre class was talking about spirits and about ouija boards.Our teacher told us this great story:(well i will change things like names,cause i dont remember the specifics

This was back in the day.20's i think....A boys parents had died and he was sent to his aunts house to live temp. until he moved to another aunts. The boy and his two cousins got hold of  a ouiga board and were playing with it and it spelled out the little boys they all ran and told the boys aunt and she banned them from using the ouiga board. So kids being kids they took it to the barn and used it,this time it spelled out the boys dead mothers name.

Then the boy was about to be sent on train to go to his others aunt house and they played one last time..this time it spelled out T-R-A-I-N  W-R-E-C

and they ran and told the boys aunt and uncle and they didnt believe and told them all to get in the truck to go to the train station.The kids were pleading the whole way there and when the uncle wasnt looking he hit something and swerved and landed in a ditch breaking his rear axel.At this time they were 1/2 between the station and 1/2 between the house.They decided since by walking they would naver make it to the train station in time they would just go home.When they got home the grandfather of the boy told everyone to come listen to the radioAs they listned to a show a breakthrough came through the train they boy was supposed to be on and got off track and all aboard were killed.


true story


Anways we had this whole class discussion about ghosts and we were talking about ppl and their experiences with ouija boards.

While we were talking there was this big thump sound and this one girl completly jumped out of her chair,and it was odd cause at that momemt we were talking about ghosts of theatres.oh well


thanks for reading


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