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Scary Stories [entries|friends|calendar]
Real life scary stories and much more

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(Are you afraid of the dark?)

Scary Dreams [07 Aug 2007|02:38pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I haven't posted here before so I thought I would break the ice by sharing with you some of the scary/disturbing dreams I have been having the past few years.

Dream Number 1 - few years agoCollapse )

Dreams Number 2 & 3 - 26th April 2007Collapse )

Dream Number 4 - 19th July 2007Collapse )

Dream Number 5 - 7th Aug 2007Collapse )

(Are you afraid of the dark?)

My Story [07 Jul 2007|12:10am]

[ mood | thirsty ]

This story is true and is my first encounter with a ghost.
I used to be skeptical of ghosts and not think that they were real. One night I was hanging out at my friends house and he told me that it was haunted by a man. I thought at that time he was just trying to scare me. Anyway, about a year later we all sitting in the living room at about 1am and we were telling ghost stories. Then my friend and all the rest of us stoped for no reason and looked at the TV. I saw a reflection of a man standing in the door way. At first I thought someone had broke into the house but when I turned around there was no one there. I looked back at the TV and the reflection was still there. We turned on all the lights and didn't continue our scary stories. My second Encounter was kind of the same thing. We were telling scary stories again and when I looked over at the kitchen a man was staring at me, but he was transparent. My third encounter was in the computer room. My friend was on the computer and I looked at the wall behind us and saw a shadow on the wall. At first I thoght that I was imagining these things.When I asked my friends mom, she told me that I was not imagining these things and that it was all real. She then went on to tell me that one night she was having a nightmare and couldn't wake up. Then she started shaking and when she woke up, there was a man laying over her waking her up. My sister saw two little girls reflections in the TV which was turned off at the time. Other people claim to have seen these little girls. Every single time I go over at night there is a strange feeling that you are being watched.

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[01 Oct 2005|12:20pm]

a repost:

It's about time I did something.

Ok guys we need a boost of energy.

So lets do one of those contest things,it could be fun.

Ok, just submit a story as a post under the link; Contest Entry

the entry must be a true life story that you experienced.
Then members will vote for there favortite.

I will pick a cut off date later.

[edit] the cutoff date is 10-15-05

(Are you afraid of the dark?)

[01 Oct 2005|12:10pm]

I thought this link was kinda cool:


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[30 Sep 2005|02:01pm]

does anyone else on planning entering this contest?

If not,we have a winner by default.

Also, I am planning on ending this communtiy,if we don't get some action.

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[01 Aug 2005|12:10am]

i've decided to submit a contest entry, but first i want to tell y'all something funny that happened one night. i watched the 6th sense with a friend one night and then went home. well, as you all know, there's a scene in that movie where the kid goes into his kitchen and that chick has opened all the cabinets and drawers. so i was in my apartment that night, about 3am. i heard something in the kitchen, so i went into the other room. and one of my cabinets was open!!!! i thought my heart would beat out of my chest when i saw it. i finally calmed down and figured out what happened. the cabinets were old and didn't really shut completely. my cat was always pawing open the door and walking around inside the cabinets. she'd crawled inside them that night! she knocked something over inside there (the noise that caught my attention) and run out of the cabinet, leaving it wide open. it was pretty funny.

my contest entryCollapse )

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well here is some stories...to read [27 Jul 2005|08:57pm]


The Teddy Bear Story.....



submitted by Nur Irfah

My Story: Now, I am going to share my experience with you guys. I was 4 years old when it happened.

That night I slept in my brother's room. In the room, there were 4 teddy bears which I have just put. Suddenly I was awake at 2a.m when I found out that there are two teddy bears on my side without having me putting them.

At 9.00a.m in the morning, I was awakened by some sound. Then, I found out that my pink teddybear is not in. I went to the living room to look for it while everybody was sleeping. I found that my teddy was in the living room.

It was such a mystery to me because nobody put it. NEXT TIME NO TEDDY BEAR IN YOUR BEDROOM...................!


  • my overall rating:
  • i dont think its true.I mean she was four.
  • It could of been a dream
  • what do you think on the teddy bear?



The head of the woman

submitted by Maria Farid

My Story: This happened when i was nine years old. My family and relatives wanted to go to East Coast Beach, because my uncle Zahid, wanted to catch some fishes at the jetty. We went there by Zahid lorry.

On that time, they loves to go to the beach. Espeacially my uncle, Zahid. He loves fishing. When we reached there by walkin', I accidentally mention the name of 'pontianak'. When my cousin, Zubaidah looked at time, it was seven something, at night. Actually in our Islam believe, we cannot mention those name when it's seven pm or past seven. We know it's wrong, but i hoped nothing happens.

My relatives pitch a tent when they reached there. After pitching, I and some of my cousins played some games. I was quite sleepy that time so i sleep awhile. Later it was eleven something, it's time to go home. When i went up the lorry, my cousin Zubaidah, pushed me so that she can go up first. I was angry. And fights went on. Of course, the elders scolded us and we stopped. But we continued our fighting at the lorry. My mother, wanted to wash her legs so she went down. Suddenly she fall and I heard she's screeming. So I went to see. But when i look at the ground i saw a woman's head with black cloth smiling at me. I was really shocked and i burst into tears. Everyone in the lorry asked me what had happen. But they did not belived me. Then, the lorry started to moved.

When I reached my house, luckily nothing happens at night. But the next night, I look out of the window and saw an evil sitting on the lamp post. I saw blood caming out of his mouth. Suddenly my sis came inside the room so I turned around to see who's that. When i turned behind to see the evil again, it dissapeared. It was like a nightmare. Now on, I never again say those 'pontianak' name again at night.

  • this story was kinda boring
  • needed more detail
  • I don't think its true...



hopefully you guys got some motivation.

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It's about time I did something. [16 Jul 2005|02:01am]

Ok guys we need a boost of energy.

So lets do one of those contest things,it could be fun.

Ok, just submit a story as a post under the link; Contest Entry

the entry must be a true life story that you experienced.
Then members will vote for there favortite.

I will pick a cut off date later.

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i was looking [14 Apr 2005|10:55pm]

I was browsing some pages and found a cool site:


(Are you afraid of the dark?)

William Seabrook [14 Apr 2005|02:56pm]

For anyone who's interested, I've just created a William Seabrook Discussion community: </a></b></a>williamseabrook For those of you unfamiliar with Seabrook's work, he was a friend of both Crowley and Gurdijieff. A reporter by trade, he was interested in investigating psychic and occult phenomena, and his Witchcraft: Its Power in the World Today is often cited for its material on modern occultism. He also introduced the modern usage of the word "zombie" to the English language, in his book about his investigations of Voodoo in Haiti, The Magic Island.

It's for the discussion of not just Seabrook and his works, but also anything that users might think would have interested him. I see it as a sort of </a></b></a>necronomiphiles for W. B. Seabrook.

Please join or at least check out our description, even if you don't know much about Seabrook. He was a fascinating man, and hopefully we'll all learn a lot from each other about both the man and his interests.

I've also created a website devoted to Seabrook at http://www.geocities.com/williambseabrook/ There's not much there yet, but in the near future I plan to type up some of his now-rare magazine articles from the '30's and '40's that I've been collecting. Have a look at the annotated bibliography on that website for some previews of what's to come.

X-posted out the wazoo; sorry guys.

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[20 Feb 2005|10:43pm]


Well I hope this isnt dying out already


here is some scary pics


click me for a scary old time..Collapse )

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[08 Feb 2005|10:10pm]


since I dont want to get sued.here is the link for one of the stories I like:



hope everyone is doing well



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[05 Feb 2005|12:44pm]


Hi again everyone, here is a link to 'REAL live scary stories' Some of these stories are totally scary and there are tons of stories to last you for over a year! They are all in alphabetical order, hope you guys enjoy!

title or description

By the way there are NO pop up windows! And just for the record the 'insert link' option is not working and I am not too familiar with HTML to just type everything in...but I will learn soon!

okay I fixed the problem, just click on the picture and it will take you to the site!!!

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[03 Feb 2005|10:55pm]

Hey everyone, here is an interesting link with 'ghostly pictures' some are obviously fakes, and some are just stupid blunders such as hairs in the pics or dirty lenses but a few pics are very interesting. Please check it out if you have the time, there about 47 pages and the link I am giving is starting on the last page, so your gonna have to make your way forward. Also there are quite a few pop ups but nothing harmful. ENJOY!

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Intro... [03 Feb 2005|11:14am]

[ mood | bored ]

Sorry that it's taken me a couple of days since I joined to do this. I keep planning to and then when I am at the computer I forget.

I am Brook, I live in Iowa. I am 26 years old. I think that I've been interested in the paranormal for most of my life. My grandmothers on both sides of my family really were into it and kind of fostered it onto me. I've taken a lot of photos with orbs in the as well as having had a couple of EVPs come trough. Currently I am part of a ghost group, though we haven't done that many investigations yet.

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my most recent happenings.... [03 Feb 2005|02:57am]

i've had little things most all my life.... these are three of the most recent things....
dinner at mom'sCollapse )
work stuffCollapse )

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another story [02 Feb 2005|10:45pm]


story from http://strangegr.tripod.com/strangeandparanormalactivities/id13.htmlCollapse )

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hey guys [31 Jan 2005|11:10pm]

I found out in theatre class today that our play at the end of the year will be Twlight Zone tv shows turned into plays.

i cant wait

anyone have any favorite episodes?

I like the one where a little girl found another dimension under her bed and they had to go in to get her/.

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[30 Jan 2005|11:15pm]


so if u read my last entry the pic will make sense


I was wondering if anyone had any good ouija board stories they would like to post and share..



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hello [30 Jan 2005|11:01pm]


i found that picture online...it creeps me out a little bit,although im sure its been doctored or maybe its a really good makeup job.

I got a new icon setup...what do you guys think?

 here is another odd picture


Anyways here is an experience for you:

My theatre class was talking about spirits and about ouija boards.Our teacher told us this great story:(well i will change things like names,cause i dont remember the specifics

This was back in the day.20's i think....A boys parents had died and he was sent to his aunts house to live temp. until he moved to another aunts. The boy and his two cousins got hold of  a ouiga board and were playing with it and it spelled out the little boys name..so they all ran and told the boys aunt and she banned them from using the ouiga board. So kids being kids they took it to the barn and used it,this time it spelled out the boys dead mothers name.

Then the boy was about to be sent on train to go to his others aunt house and they played one last time..this time it spelled out T-R-A-I-N  W-R-E-C

and they ran and told the boys aunt and uncle and they didnt believe and told them all to get in the truck to go to the train station.The kids were pleading the whole way there and when the uncle wasnt looking he hit something and swerved and landed in a ditch breaking his rear axel.At this time they were 1/2 between the station and 1/2 between the house.They decided since by walking they would naver make it to the train station in time they would just go home.When they got home the grandfather of the boy told everyone to come listen to the radioAs they listned to a show a breakthrough came through the train they boy was supposed to be on and got off track and all aboard were killed.


true story


Anways we had this whole class discussion about ghosts and we were talking about ppl and their experiences with ouija boards.

While we were talking there was this big thump sound and this one girl completly jumped out of her chair,and it was odd cause at that momemt we were talking about ghosts of theatres.oh well


thanks for reading


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