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The Teddy Bear Story.....



submitted by Nur Irfah

My Story: Now, I am going to share my experience with you guys. I was 4 years old when it happened.

That night I slept in my brother's room. In the room, there were 4 teddy bears which I have just put. Suddenly I was awake at 2a.m when I found out that there are two teddy bears on my side without having me putting them.

At 9.00a.m in the morning, I was awakened by some sound. Then, I found out that my pink teddybear is not in. I went to the living room to look for it while everybody was sleeping. I found that my teddy was in the living room.

It was such a mystery to me because nobody put it. NEXT TIME NO TEDDY BEAR IN YOUR BEDROOM...................!


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  • i dont think its true.I mean she was four.
  • It could of been a dream
  • what do you think on the teddy bear?



The head of the woman

submitted by Maria Farid

My Story: This happened when i was nine years old. My family and relatives wanted to go to East Coast Beach, because my uncle Zahid, wanted to catch some fishes at the jetty. We went there by Zahid lorry.

On that time, they loves to go to the beach. Espeacially my uncle, Zahid. He loves fishing. When we reached there by walkin', I accidentally mention the name of 'pontianak'. When my cousin, Zubaidah looked at time, it was seven something, at night. Actually in our Islam believe, we cannot mention those name when it's seven pm or past seven. We know it's wrong, but i hoped nothing happens.

My relatives pitch a tent when they reached there. After pitching, I and some of my cousins played some games. I was quite sleepy that time so i sleep awhile. Later it was eleven something, it's time to go home. When i went up the lorry, my cousin Zubaidah, pushed me so that she can go up first. I was angry. And fights went on. Of course, the elders scolded us and we stopped. But we continued our fighting at the lorry. My mother, wanted to wash her legs so she went down. Suddenly she fall and I heard she's screeming. So I went to see. But when i look at the ground i saw a woman's head with black cloth smiling at me. I was really shocked and i burst into tears. Everyone in the lorry asked me what had happen. But they did not belived me. Then, the lorry started to moved.

When I reached my house, luckily nothing happens at night. But the next night, I look out of the window and saw an evil sitting on the lamp post. I saw blood caming out of his mouth. Suddenly my sis came inside the room so I turned around to see who's that. When i turned behind to see the evil again, it dissapeared. It was like a nightmare. Now on, I never again say those 'pontianak' name again at night.

  • this story was kinda boring
  • needed more detail
  • I don't think its true...



hopefully you guys got some motivation.

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