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A Beautiful Virago Named Hope

my most recent happenings....

i've had little things most all my life.... these are three of the most recent things....

several weeks ago my husband and i were at my parents house for the weekend. my stepdad and mom are both "sensitives." they see and hear things. they've both seen and heard things everywhere they've ever lived. they've lived in their house almost 5 years now. before that it was owned by my mom's best friend from elementary school. the house was built in the 70s and nothing ever happened there that i've ever heard of, except what my parents have seen and heard.
several months ago, my stepdad had mentioned to me that he had been hearing women talking in the house when he was home alone. he said he's also heard music when no radios or TVs were on in the house. well, when we were there (i think it was the saturday after thanksgiving, but it could have been earlier in november), as we were eating lunch, i started hearing what sounded to me like a TV talk show. none of their radios or their TVs were on. no one else heard it. i couldn't make out the words, but i heard the murmur of voices. my stepdad and mom knew exactly what i meant, because they'd both heard it before, just neither of them were hearing it at the same time i was that day. my husband would not have admitted to hearing it, even if he was hearing it. lol.

the other two things that happened to me both happened when i was at work....
a little background, first off. i work for a police department, on one of the largest university's in my state. our old building was the original field house for the football team. it had been converted into a police department. i've worked for this department 9 and a half years. as soon as i started, there were rumors that the building was haunted. i thought maybe it was "Scare the new kid on night shift" but i didn't mind, as i enjoy good ghost stories.... well, it turns out something was in that building....
i work communications and my old "office" was centrally located. i could see back to the locker room and the squad room where i sat. and the way the staircase was, i could see upstairs into the hallway. oftentimes, i would see figures walking back and forth upstairs or hear things when no one else was in the building.
two things about that time stick out in my mind. the way our side of the building was laid out is similar to shotgun style houses. you know, you can see all the way to the back from the front room. the communications room was the front room, there was a middle room and then the locker room. next to the locker room, but also off the middle room was the squad room. i couldn't see into it fully, but i could see the door. one evening back in 2002, i was sitting in my chair at our desk and i glanced behind me, into the middle room. i saw a figure walk from the locker room into the squad room. it was so real i had to get up to check to make sure no one had come in. which was silly, the only way into that room was to either walk by me or come in through a locked door that beeped when it was opened. i didn't hear the door beep and no one had walked by going back into that area, so i knew there shouldn't be anyone back there. of course there wasn't anyone there when i checked (i know, i was silly to go but it wasn't too late at night). what strikes me about this is we'd had an officer killed in a car accident only a few months before i saw this. he used to come to work in civilian clothes and change into his uniform. i was forever "catching" him in stated of semi-undress. so sometimes i wonder if it was him back there that day.
another thing that happened was about 4 in the morning. we had an old intercom system (similar to the systems they have in high school) that we didn't use anymore. as far as i knew the controls were in the chief's office, but i don't even think it was operational at that point. most of the rooms had the speakers in them. well, this one night, i heard a burst of static from the one in the squadroom. no one else was in the building. it was a saturday and everyone was on the road, patrolling. that scared me so bad i called the lieutenant in to check the building!!!
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