Battered Princess (gothdemoness) wrote in scary_stories,
Battered Princess

hey guys

I found out in theatre class today that our play at the end of the year will be Twlight Zone tv shows turned into plays.

i cant wait

anyone have any favorite episodes?

I like the one where a little girl found another dimension under her bed and they had to go in to get her/.
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Deleted comment

which one was that?

Deleted comment

It wasn't particularly frightening, but I did like the episode in which the bomb gets dropped on America, and an avid reader in a bank vault during the cataclysm finally has the time and the resources to read all the books he's always wanted to read -- but then breaks his glasses and can't see the books to read them.
I like that one too,and we even talked about that one in class
The one where stuff was moving around in the pictures. I can't remember alot about it, but that part was cool.